The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and it means “wheel,” or vortex. It refers to the seven major energy centers of the body. Each energy center reflects a different aspect of your life and your consciousness. When these energy centers flow smoothly, you feel vital and healthy. When they’re blocked, you feel stressed and off-balance. Focusing on each chakra, while in a meditative relaxed state, can help get your chakras unstuck and can bring your life into harmony.

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The third chakra activates clarity, freedom and intuition. When this chakra is balanced, you experience decisive vision and courage. You feel in control of your life and you have good “gut reactions” to life’s circumstances. You are assertive and powerful (without being aggressive) and you have good personal boundaries.

Please take a moment to relax and feel centered. Focus your entire awareness on the center of the shimmering yellow mystic gateway. Imagine that you’re inhaling and exhaling the essence of the color and the tones into your third chakra. (This is the area centered around your diaphragm/solar plexus/naval.) Alternatively, you can imagine sparkling, yellow energy filling your entire being. Just doing this will help to harmonize this chakra and activate the vibration of the color yellow into your auric field. It might feel like the golden fire-light of the Creator is purifying your being. (Yellow is the color associated with the third chakra.) You should begin to feel more focused, clearer and more determined to reach your goals.

Use this portal if you are experiencing:

Lack of self-esteem
Lack of focus
Feeling timid
Feeling closed off from others
Bravado rather than confidence
Mental confusion
Feel that others control you
Problems sticking to your decisions
Overly optimistic
Overly pessimistic or dour
No intuition
Lack of confidence
No personal boundaries
Closed off from others
Lack of personal control

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Solar Plexus

Large intestine



Gall Bladder



Digestive System