The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and it means “wheel,” or vortex. It refers to the seven major energy centers of the body. Each energy center reflects a different aspect of your life and your consciousness. When these energy centers flow smoothly, you feel vital and healthy. When they’re blocked, you feel stressed and off-balance. Focusing on each chakra, while in a meditative relaxed state, can help get your chakras unstuck and can bring your life into harmony.

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The seventh chakra is called the thousand-petal lotus. It activates detachment from the mundane world and a universal consciousness. When this chakra is balanced, you experience a divine connection with the Creator and an expanded vision of the world and the universe. You are able to tap into a serene state of bliss.

Please take a moment to relax and feel centered. Focus your entire awareness on the center of this violet colored flower mystic gateway. Imagine that you’re inhaling and exhaling the essence of the color and the tones into your seventh chakra. (This is the area at the very top of your head.) Alternatively, you can imagine a violet flame filling your entire being. Just doing this will help to harmonize this chakra and activate the vibration of the color into your auric field. The sacred violet flame of the Creator is purifying your being. (Violet the color associated with the seventh chakra.) You should begin to feel more connected to the Creator and to your spiritual source. Your depth of compassion for others deepens. Your ability to be in the world but not of it expands.

Use this portal if you are experiencing:

Lack of connection to the Creator
Not aware of your spirituality
Rigid in your thinking

Unyielding in your beliefs

Difficulty in seeing the viewpoint of others

Fuzzy thinking

Live in a fantasy world
Addicted to spiritual pursuits to
the detriment of earthly needs

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Top of Head

Pituitary Gland

Central Nervous System

Spinal Cord