It is in this healing sanctuary you can receive and send energy and love. Please take just a moment to relax and feel centered. Focus your entire awareness on the sparkling point of light in the center of the waves. It is a mystic gateway. Imagine that your breath is carrying you through this vortex and back again as you visualize the waves moving with each breath. (scroll down to unmute the sound)

Click the unmute for the Healing Sound

 Visualize waves coming toward you. As you do this, know that a shimmering life force—from the hundreds of people that are sending energy into this same image—is flowing into your heart center and into your body. Wave after wave of sparkling, vibrant energy is filling your entire being.

 Visualize waves surging from the shore towards the light. As you do this imagine energy streaming through your heart center to the people that are here asking for assistance or healing. (This energizes you as well as the people that you are sending to. Know that all you give with an open and loving heart returns to you a thousand fold.)