The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and it means “wheel,” or vortex. It refers to the seven major energy centers of the body. Each energy center reflects a different aspect of your life and your consciousness. When these energy centers flow smoothly, you feel vital and healthy. When they’re blocked, you feel stressed and off-balance. Focusing on each chakra, while in a meditative relaxed state, can help get your chakras unstuck and can bring your life into harmony.

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Your heart chakra is associated with love, kindness, affection and connection to others. When it is in a balance you feel a depth of compassion for yourself and others. Your relationships with yourself, other people, animals and the Creator are in harmony. You allow yourself to receive love and support from others and you radiate love in ever- widening circles.

Take a moment to relax and feel centered. Focus your awareness on the sparkling drop of water as it softly falls through the air. This is a mystic gateway into the precious love that dwells within you and around you. Imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling the essence of the color and the tones into your heart chakra. (Your fourth chakra is located in the center of your chest.) Alternatively imagine that a sparkling green color is flowing from the center of your chest in all directions, filling your entire body and radiating love out to the world in ever-widening ripples. Just doing this harmonizes this chakra and activates the color green into your auric field. As you do this periodically, you should begin to notice that the quality of your relationships becoming deeper, and more profound and loving.

Use this portal if you are experiencing:

Lack of self- love
Not following your heart desires
Low self-esteem
Isolated from others
Very little love in your life
Trouble receiving from others
Distance from loved ones
Difficulty really listening to others
Dominating or suffocating others
Judgmental of self and others
A hard time being in the flow

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Blood Vessels