Today’s not easy. I have family and friends in the hospital. It’s hard to see them suffer. Also, the pandemic is affecting so many of my peeps. Additionally the dense smoke from forest fires is back and it is 110 degrees outdoors. Yikes! (Why, oh why, didn’t we put in air conditioning when we built our home?)

I decided I needed to shift my state, so I wrote some prose. Writing it smoothed out the wrinkles of the day. Here it is. I wanted to share it with you in the event it can smooth out any wrinkles in your day, as well.

I call it … “Allow”

Allow the warmth of the sun to envelop you and the silvery light of the moon to embrace you.

Receive the strength of the oak tree and invite the delight of an apple tree into your heart.Let the sound of morning rain, the cadence of a gentle sea, and the magnificent cascade of a waterfall enthrall you.

Open your heart to the crystalline canticle of the stars and the sweet murmurs of the clouds.

Listen to the song of a single nightingale on a humid night, and the chorus of a flock of red-wing black birds in a willow tree on an early morning.

Inhale the smell of fresh mown grass and wildflowers blowing in the breeze.

Bury your face in a large soft-petaled pink rose. Breathe in.

Let the energy of the natural world swirl within you. And allow the simple pleasures of the nature remind you that . . . this too will pass.