Greetings Fellow Soul Traveler,
The oracle card pulled for this month is from the Native Spirit Oracle Card deck. The card is Vision Quest.
This card talks about being a Sacred Seeker. It says, “Take time away from people and situations. Step back. Retreat. Trust that your life is being directed.” Is this a message you needed to hear today?
In native cultures throughout the world, for thousands of years young men and women have embarked on Vision Quests. They have done this to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and to discover their true life path. In modern times, we have lost that valuable tradition. However, periodically taking a moment (or an hour, a day or a few days) in stillness can ignite incredible wisdom within you.
After these last two chaotic years, it is a perfect time to embark on your own vision quest. (I used to lead Quests and wrote a book about creating your own quests, but a quest doesn’t have to be formal; simply sitting in quietude in nature can be so healing.) Here are some words from my book, from someone who came to one of my quests. To me, these words epitomize the power and grace of a quest.
In Quest of a Vision
On the second night of my Quest, I stretched out and lay back filled with the most indescribable peace. Staring up at the night sky aglow with a trillion stars, I started to feel utterly minute with the cosmos stretched out above. Who is this I? What purpose does it have in the whole scheme of things? What was I about to find out about myself? What long-sought answers to questions will I receive? Intoxicated by the immediacy of nature and feeling as insignificant as a grain of sand, I drifted effortlessly into a deep sleep. All I knew for sure was that this Quest, whatever else it may be, felt absolutely right for me in that moment.
—Tessa Dace
Sending blessings and love your way,

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